What’s Brewing This Halloween!?

Happy Halloween!
Everyone’s plans and situations for the holiday may vary, but one thing is for sure, you can definitely add a little Halloween fun and theme out your life!

I found the most adorable and comfy! bat print sweatshirt at Target. I’ve basically lived in it for the past month. Its lightweight, has slits on the side and oh so soft. I paired it over a black and white striped summer dress for an easy day look, its still 90 degrees here folks! However, I’ve worn it more just lounging around, making spirits spooky!

You know when you go to Target you never leave with just one thing… Also picked up this fun sign for the holiday decor! Hashtag Target run!

I hope this weekend you at least carve a Jack O Lantern… and maybe watch Hocus Pocus 😉 Have a spoooooky Halloween!

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