Aaaand I’m back in the game

From The Desk of Alicia
From The Desk of Alicia

Alicia was not an exception to the force that was 2020. I absolutely was thrown for a loop but came out on the other side! I know I’ve been missing for a hot minute, but you could always still find me on the ‘gram. But now, May has brought me new opportunities, a new direction, a new season, a spring renewal if you will and I’m baaaaack! I’ll be kicking off my Week O’Nautical 2021 next week and I could NOT be more excited to be back to what makes me happy.

I just went through my Week O’Nautical posts over the years and I found myself smiling… I absolutely need to get back to this. I don’t care if anyone even reads these posts, enjoys my OOTD’s or rambling writing styles… I do this to bring a smile to my face, and online history of my smiles. (and I have RBF so if I’m smiling its for real!)

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  1. Welcome back
    Alicia from Toronto Ontario!

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