Transition into Fall With Jewel tones – Amethyst

Why hello official first day of fall!  Though you wouldn’t really guess it since its still hot like a mo fo out… which I’m not complaining about AT ALL!  But that does make transitioning into fall a little difficult since it is still so warm out.  Easiest way to do that is with jewel tones!  They flatter just about everyone and easily mesh with your basics.  So let’s do a little series on transitioning into fall with jewel tones.  First up, Amethyst!

am·e·thyst  (m-thst)


1. A purple or violet form of transparent quartz used as a gemstone.
2. A purple variety of corundum used as a gemstone.
3. A moderate purple to grayish reddish purple.


I’ve always been a fan of the amethyst gemstone and not just because its my mom’s and bestie’s birthstone but just because its naturally super pretty.  Purple is also a color of royalty so who doesn’t want to be a little more royal!?!

Full On Amethyst
Full On Amethyst

My favorite way to incorporate amethyst… full on!  Go with a solid dress in amethyst.  I personally like this jersey dress from mark. because its light enough for summer heat but the color is so rich!  Its shape is super flattering and makes a great canvas for accessories.  I paired it with fall friendly belts, a statement ring and gold jewelry.  Its great for late summer as well because the all over color still puts your mind in fun summer mode.

Dress:  Very Vintage dress (mark – in and out of sale, contact for more details).  Belts:  In A Cinch Belts ($18 mark. – set of 3 in black snakeskin and orange)  Ring:  Vintage Violet Stretch Ring ($18 mark.)  Necklace:  Power Of Change Necklace ($28 mark. – set of 2)  Nailpolish:  Essie Superbossnova ($8  All these mark. items can be found at my eboutique:

If you’re not the full on amethyst type of gal than go for pops of amethyst.  For some fall flavor pair your amethyst with your grey or navy!  Such as an amethyst top with your grey slacks or a navy pencil skirt.  Or if you’re more daring it looks exceptional with yellow or teal, and even more daring put it with pink!  If you just want a pop of amethyst then I highly recommend the Vintage Violet Stretch ring mentioned above with your favorite purple shade of nail polish!  Plus vintage design will go beautifully with the art deco trend you’ll be seeing all fall and winter!

Vintage Violet Stretch Ring $18
Vintage Violet Stretch Ring $18

Ps.  don’t mind my keys in my hand or the hot coral pink nail polish!

Are you going to try to incorporate some amethyst into your wardrobe?  If so link it up in the comments below!

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