How To: Awesome Cat Eye Tutorial with Makeup Artist Jamie Greenberg


Everyone who knows me knows I wear a winged line on the daily.  Even if I’m doing nothing else a winged line instantly makes me look awake and bright eyed.  If I could only have one makeup item, well two items, because my first pick would be concealer, but my second would be eyeliner!

mark. Liner in Cleo
mark. On The Edge Liner in Cleo

I’ve been asked many a times how I do it but it’s one of those things that you need to see, and then practice and practice.  Then I saw this video that Jamie Greenberg did on her youtube channel.  (If you don’t follow her already, do so… like NOW!).  She lays it all out there, shows you how to get the perfect cat-eye AND shows you how to do it with every type of liner!

My daily eyeliner of choice is mark.’s liquid liner, which Jamie demonstrated with first.  The mark. On The Edge Eyeliner has recently been upgraded to a larger size but still a hookup.  Hookups have connectors so you can attach it to other items (other liners, glosses, mascara, etc) to build the perfect makeup bag go to that stashes away super easily!  Which makes it the perfect summer travel beauty must-have!  Check out the mark. On The Edge Liner now in 6 colors!

Quick Silver
Blue Chrome
mark. On The Edge Liner in Blue Chrome
mark. On The Edge Liner in Blue Chrome
mark. On The Edge Liner in Blue Chrome
mark. On The Edge Liner in Blue Chrome
In addition to mark. On The Edge Liner being updated, so was No Place To Run pencil liners which you saw Jamie demonstrating with using Navy Seal (navy shade).   This was a much needed update, they are much more user friendly and sharpen much better!  Check out my review here.  Navy seal has seen heavy rotation in the world of Alicia.  Even  better news, the felt tip liner is being revamped too!  Launching in August with new shades as well including both matte and shimmer shades.
Wearing No Place To Run in Navy Seal
Wearing No Place To Run Pencil Liner in Navy Seal
Being an eyeliner aficionado I can tell you that mark. liners are the absolute best and most affordable I’ve ever used.  For something I use on the daily I need to be able to refresh my stock often and not break the bank.  Even more importantly I need it to look good, last all day and be easy to use!  Check, check and check!  You can shop the mark. eyeliners at my eBoutique: and be sure to follow Jamie Greenberg on YouTube

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