Nailed It: Julep Alicia


What a better mani Monday then our own namesake!  Julep Alicia!

Julep Alicia
Julep Alicia

I have this thing with names, I like to get people polish in their name even if its not a color they’d wear.  It’s like a collectors piece.  Alicia, while you know the name, it’s not really as common as you’d think, so when I saw Julep had an Alicia I was ALL OVER IT.  Except it’s been sold out for-ev-ver!  The re-released in the new formula a few months ago and I snatched it up.  At first I was like, eh, it will probably not look that great on me, but I want it for my vanity, so it sat in it’s box all pretty and new.  Then for Easter I decided to bust out this shade.  I was going to do a fun Easter mani but I also had a wedding and business trip so I needed just an easy shade to get me through.  Julep Alicia it is!

Julep Alicia for Easter
Julep Alicia for Easter

Once I applied Julep Alicia I was immediately in love with my namesake.  In just two coats it’s full coverage cream with the shiniest finish with NO topcoat!  It’s super super bright and unique but doesn’t come across as gaudy.  Julep Alicia is the word.  If I was ultimately going to create a polish that represented me I wouldn’t change a thing!

Spring Favorite:  Julep Alicia
Spring Favorite: Julep Alicia

You can shop Julep here and get your first Julep Maven 4-piece box FOR FREE using promo code SCORE.

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  1. Aggie says:

    thank you for posting this, I was debating between Cheryl and Alicia and I’m getting Alicia now! 🙂

    1. ach167 says:

      Cheryl is my middle name and my mom’s name so I got that for her, but I DEFINITELY love Alicia way more 🙂

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