Trending Tuesday – Week O’Nautical #wishlist


If the world of alicia was the internet, Week O’Nautical #wishlist would be trending.  It’s the week before Memorial Day so I celebrate my own Week O’Nautical.  If you’re not familiar with my obsession to theme out my day to day, check out my past Week O’Nautical posts here.  Since last year I haven’t really added any nautical inspired pieces to my wardrobe, sad I know!  So here’s some nautical inspired pieces I’m currently crushing on for my Week O’Nautical #wishlist:


1.  Navy and White Nautical Stripped Shorts

Nautical Shorts
Old Navy Printed Chino Pixi Shorts ($24.95)

Nothing is more versatile than a pair of striped chino shorts.  You can dress them up or down for a BBQ to a night out.  I think these are the ultimate on my #wishlist for my Week O’Nautical looks this year and at a great price!

2.  Nautical Portofino

Express Anchor Print Portofino ($44.90)
Express Anchor Print Portofino ($44.90)

My obsession over Express portofino shirts is kinda unhealthy but they’re THE PERFECT SHIRT!  So when I saw they came out with this in red, sleeveless and in an anchor print it immediately made the #wishlist.

3.  Nautical Striped Rope Wedges

Express Espadrille Wedge Sandals
Express Espadrille Wedge Sandals

I realized I’m really lacking a great nautical inspired wedge.  The rope/espadrille detailing on a striped canvas shoe would be perfect!  Too bad these only come in 6 and higher (darn size 5 feet!)

4.  White Statement Necklace

mark. So White Now Necklace
mark. So White Now Necklace ($38)

Here’s that darn white necklace again, it’s popping up on all my wish lists!  Maybe I should just break down and get it haha.  (see here).  This would look great over a navy or red outfit for my Week O’Nautical looks!

5. Navy Blazer

Brooks Brothers Cotton Knit Blazer ($298)
Brooks Brothers Cotton Knit Blazer ($298)

This whole look actually!  I realized my blazer collection is black black and more black.  I kick myself on the daily for never getting a classic Brooks Brothers navy blazer when I moonlighted there (at employee discount!).

All week I’ll be counting down to Memorial Day with my take on red white and blue and nautical influence.  Be sure to check back and see what I can come up with this year!  Until then check out the history of my Week O’Nautical.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Samantha says:

    I love all of these Wishlist items! I, too, love nautical themed things…but I don’t really have any items to fit that love. Except that portofino shirt from Express! It’s so cute and one of my favourite blouses.

    The mark necklace is so good and goes with everything! I’ll be getting that next order for sure 🙂 great post xoxo

    1. ach167 says:

      Thanks Samantha! A few nautical pieces go a long way esp since they’re usually neutral colors. And I think I that mark. necklace needs to go with that express portofino blouse!

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