Nailed It: Birthday Mani!


It’s Mani Monday AND Birthday Week sooooo Birthday Mani it is!

Nailed It:  Birthday Mani!
Nailed It: Birthday Mani!

I’m a summer baby so I wanted a summer mani but also a little party so I went with a bright orange with gold glitter accents.  I did go gel… which is rare for me.  Even having a professional mani is rare for me but #birthdayweektreats!  Well actually pre-birthday week treats. I had them done last week, so I knew I needed to last a week, so what lasts?  Gel.  What ruins my nails?  Gel.  It’s a love hate relationship.  I know once I soak these off those long talons will soon break.  I have ridged nails so all the buffing and filing them down really removes a lot of their strength.  But until then I’m sporting birthday nails!

Orange and Gold Glitter Gel
Orange and Gold Glitter Gel

I know the glitter gel is Daisy Gel Polish Legendary Diamond 467 but I didn’t take note of the orange.  I know it was the brand DND and in the 400’s so it might of been Pastel Orange but either way I’m digging it for a late summer birthday mani!

Birthday Talons
Birthday Talons

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