Week O’Nautical – Cool Silver

Week O'Nautical - Cool Silver

Week O’Nautical – Cool Silver

Are you a silver or a gold person!? Just like everything else, it depends on my mood and what vibe I’m going for, but overall I’m both. I tend to lean towards silver more often… its cool and chic, just like today’s Week O’Nautical OOTD!  Week O’Nautical = Counting down to the holiday weekend wearing anything that fits into the red white and blue theme with a loosely nautical feel, key word being loosely.

Pencil Skirt for today's OOTD

Pencil Skirt for today’s WoN OOTD

I knew I wanted to wear this red pencil skirt to work today (Express, old).  It’s the perfect summer red and really since I’ve been back to the office I really haven’t worn my pencil skirts.  It has this silver disc detailing at the belt and that’s what insipred me to carry that cool silver throughout. 

Avon Summer Statement Metal Jewelry in Silver

Avon Summer Statement Metal Jewelry in Silver

I just got this Avon Summer Statements Stretch Bracelet (that I can’t stop wearing!) but it has the same hammered disc details that the skirt has so I was like, yep, wearing that.  Also released with the bracelet as part of our summer fashion release, are these Avon Summer Statements Hoop Earrings, that I’m also wearing non-stop!  Both of these go with EVERYTHING and they do come in both silver and gold… I, of course, got them in both tones.  When something is so classic, versatile and on trend you just have to go for both!  

Matching Silver Hammered Metal Details

Matching Silver Hammered Metal Details

What also stood out to me was this old mark. ring with silver and turquoise, so I had to wear it today too.  But what top could pull these all together, a ruffled chambray top!  Cool, chic, layed back, and maybe a little fitting to watch Yellowstone that’s saved on my DVR later.

Cool and Chic

Cool and Chic

You know what else is cool and chic… my summer bag!  I’m obsessed.  This Dooney and Bourke Wayfarer Nylon Tote with Accessories from QVC.  It is the perfect summer work bag, perfect!  The Italian nylon is so lightweight and easy to care for, the tan handles make it casual for summer and the red detailing on the zipper… swoon!  

Ultimate Summer Work Bag

Ultimate Summer Work Bag

I’m digging my look today.  I haven’t been too excited about outfits lately, and this one is changing my mind.  It feels more like me, it has a theme, and its cool and chic.  

Week O'Nautical Counting Down to 4th of July 2020

Week O’Nautical Counting Down to 4th of July 2020

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