But the weather calls for leather…

The weather calls for leather with a slight touch of lace! A little lace and leather is the ultimate mix of soft and strong, and always chic as all get out.

You know what is just as good as leather?  The look of leather!  Coated denim is my go-to leather alternative.  You get more movement and flexibility and a lighter weight.  My coated jacket with a lace tail is from White House Black Market.

If you recall I was all about the white boot trend this fall.  I got these motorcycle style boots from Shoedazzle.  Now, my husband says they’re my Stormtrooper boots, but I still think they’re chic.  And practical! 

Black and white is always my signature/favorite if you couldn’t tell. What I like about these pieces is that they’re great for a fall look with say my houndstooth turtleneck but will also work in the spring with a light blouse. As a self proclaimed pro shopper if you can wear something multiple ways in multiple seasons its TOTALLY worth the investment!

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