Week O’ Nautical – Day 3 Boho Nautical


Next up on Week O’Nautical is another look that’s not your stereotypical nautical look but incorporates pieces in the right color family and functionally nautical.

Boho Nautical Look
Boho Nautical Look

Def on the casual side with the rouched t-shirt dress from Express, gifted to me by the fab sis-in-law for Christmas (I would say brother but you know Steph picked it out).  Love this style because it works year round with the 3/4 sleeve and t-shirt material.  Also killer because it works for so many occasions, dressed up for work or thrown over a bathing suit as a cover up… etc…  If you don’t own a t-shirt dress GET ONE!  It’s a wardrobe must have.

My other wardrobe must have is a silk scarf.  To go with the casual boho vibe I have it tied as a headband with the knot tied toward the side of my head with one end longer than the other so you can pull it forward to make more of an impact.  This scarf is from my days moonlighting at Brooks Brothers, they have the best silk scarfs!  This outfit could easily be transformed by tying the scarf as a belt low on the hips or right under the bust tied in the back and thick like a cummerbund, or again tied in the back but all the way open so it kinda looks like a tube top… the options are endless.  I always have a constant scarf inspiration from Rachel McAdams in Wedding Crashers when they go out on the boat and she has her scarf wrapped around her head.  I love that look but just not on me, maybe one day…

Wedding Crashers Inspiration
Wedding Crashers Inspiration

Sorry for the crappy picture, I had to screen cap a really poor quality you tube video.  I love her full nautical look here.  Still waiting to recreate it with an open stitch sweater and linen pants all in white… on a boat… one day, one day…

Boho Nautical Accessories
Boho Nautical Accessories

You know what’s been missing from my previous posts… shoes!  Given how much of a shoe-a-holic I am, kinda surprising.  Since we’re on the topic of wardrobe must haves, gold wedges are another one of my picks.  These ones are from Nine West and I’ve worn them to DEATH!  They go with EVERYTHING!  Can dress them up for a summer night out or run errands in them in shorts and a tank or take them to the beach/lake/pool for a little glam or when you know you’ll be transitioning from lounging.  Make sure they’re comfortable and easy to walk in, really that’s what a wedge is all about.  (PS. you like my nautical toes?  You know my nails will have their own post)

What really makes this look boho, is of course, my Bohemian Style Bag from mark.  I’ve been obsessed with this since it launched!  It has that uber cool style that everyone who is anyone has been carrying but its priced perfectly at $38.  Plus it holds EVERYTHING!  It’s great for commuting back and forth to work.  I’ve even used it as beach bag and it still looked cool.  The color surprisingly goes with more than you think, yes even black.

And let’s round things out with my super fun jewelry, the statement making hoops are mark. too, part of the heat wave duo set.  My go to instant summer ring is the mark. Pretty Stellar Ring and then of course we have the Borrowed From The Boys watch yet again.  This time I paired it with a white bangle from Express and a thin gold bangle from Brighton.

Boho’s not my typical style so this is my take on it…

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