Week O’ Nautical Day 4, Nautical Parisian Stripes


What’s black and white and “red” all over?  A newspaper…. and my outfit hahaha.  You know you chuckled… and also thought a zebra with a sunburn.

Week O' Nautical Day 4 Look
Week O’ Nautical Day 4 Look

Even though it’s getting a little too warm for pants I wanted to wear my red Columnist pants from Express with my black and white tank also from Express.  The Columnist fit of their pants is my favorite!  When they released the red suit last fall I was all over it, except I never got the jacket and didn’t get these pants until like Feb when they went on super clearance and I’m so glad I did.  When in doubt, wear red!  If you’re going for a colorful pant in your wardrobe I would suggest red.  It works year round, looks good on pretty much everyone and will get you noticed in a good way.  Plus it will match so much you already have and works for all your holiday dressing.  Except for St. Patrick’s day.  I don’t recommend wearing it with your green, since everyone will think you’re Christmas-ing it up.  I digress… back to my outfit…  the red pants also kinda look a little Parisian with the black and white striped top which is never a bad thing!

I coordinated my stripped top with my stripped shoes.  Now these shoes are from the Nine West outlet years and years ago and really have seen better days.  I’ve tried to doctor them but if I let you look closely you could see where the dog has got them, the white stripes that don’t necessarily look so white anymore, the mole skin I’ve wrapped them in around the toe to cover the wear and cracking, etc… However they match PERFECTLY and are still some of my favorites.  They were my go to shoe for standing on my feet all day at Brooks Brothers to trade shows to going out comfy heel… these are 24hr shoes!  (I will explain my shoe classification by hrs at a later date).  If these shoes could tell a story they represent a good portion of my life, so I will continue to wear them and maybe take them to the cobbler and see what he can do.

As for the rest of me, those shades are Marc Jacobs and POLARIZED!  I have bad eyes so polarized lenses are a MUST HAVE, actually they are for anyone, skip those $5 shades at the market and get yourself some protective shades.  Then there’s my statement necklace!    I think it looks kind of nautical with all the twisted chains and mixed metals and beads, like a twisted anchor chain with bling.  It’s of course, from mark. they do GREAT statement necklaces.  This one is called the Scene Stealer necklace and has been in and out of sale.  The earrings are the Fireball earrings that match the necklace PERFECTLY.   They will be in next month’s sale at my eBoutique so get them at the KILLER sale price.  I’ve worn mine with everything, they give just that small amount of needed sparkle especially when you’ve got a lot going on elsewhere.  And super light you won’t even notice you  have them on!  I wish you could see my makeup better but lots of sun and a point and shoot camera doesn’t always allow for that.  However, what goes perfectly with all these nautical outfits is the mark. On The Dot Pallet in Neutral.  It has 9 shades you can create a million different looks with and are the most flattering neutral shades I’ve ever come across.  If you get one mark. item in your life it should be this pallet, and it’s only $16!  Take that Naked Pallet!

Statement Accessory:  Scene Stealer Necklace
Statement Accessory: Scene Stealer Necklace
On The Dot Neutral and Fireball Earrings
On The Dot Neutral and Fireball Earrings
Cocktail Rings and Watch
Cocktail Rings and Watch

Since I was wearing such a statement making necklace I kept it simple with my favorite silver watch from Burberry and doubled up on the cocktail rings!  The mixed metals and “stones” went well with the mixing going on in my necklace.  The red ring was gifted to me by the FAB miss nicole and I love it!  The 2 balls are also from mark. from last holiday season.  I like how my jewelry all plays together so nicely today, sometimes it just works.

How does day 4’s look hold up?  Too Parisian to be nautical?  Do you have a pair of beater shoes that keep on kicking and you’d like to have brand new once again?

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Amanda (Mae) says:

    fabulous! LOVe this outfit and the jewelry and your nails! 😀

    1. ach167 says:

      Thanks so much!

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