Nail Trend: Mixed Media Nails

Alicia 10 years ago, heck!  even 5 years ago would NEVER wear different nail colors on different nails!  Jigga what!!!  Def would of considered it tacky and gaudy…esp on my long nails.  Let alone multiple colors, patterns, textures, etc…  Let’s just say times, they are a changing because this girl now feels boring with a regular old mani.  I’ve been rocking the accent nail pretty heavily for the past year now and since my nail-spiration pinterest I’ve been inspired to create mani-pieces (mani + masterpieces).  And I have to say, these are way more fun!

For the mixed media nail trend you coordinate mixing color, texture and prints.  Basically, the options are endless!  Play around with which fingers get which color/texture/print but the one rule is more than one nail has to be different.  (if its only one nail, then its an accent nail!)

Mixed Media Nails... Coral, Graphite Glitter and Houndstooth
Mixed Media Nails… Coral, Graphite Glitter and Houndstooth

This was my first attempt, and let me say, at first I didn’t like it.  I thought I looked weird, like I forgot to take off some old polish or was testing out new polish on only a few fingers…  However after a few days I loved it!  So fun, and everytime I looked down at my hands I smiled.  And really, that’s the real reason I paint my nails, because it makes me happy!

For this mixed media mani I used Essie Camera from their Spring 2012 collection on my thumb, pointer and pinky.  For the graphite opaque glitter I used a favorite from China Glaze’s holiday 2011 collection Tinsel Town.  (warning:  as beautiful as it is, this shade chips off like a mo fo).  Finally for my favorite nail, the houndstooth nail!  I used a black base of Maybelline Onyx Rush stamped with konad plate M63 and white Konad polish, all finished off with Essie’s Good To Go Topcoat.  Of course that ring is mark.  I love turquoise and coral together and this was no exception!  You can get the Pretty Stellar ring for yourself at me at

My most recent attempt got compliments galore!  I used my newest additions to my nail collection including my July Julep maven box.  I decided to break down and get a 2nd box because July’s box included a FREE bottle of America and red white and blue glitter with silver stars.  Ummm YES!  Had to have that!  So I got my bombshell selection including the free America glitter plus a pearly white and purple glitter.  To learn more about getting your own Julep maven box click here!

Mixed Media Mani:  White, Purple, Glitter & Metallics!
Mixed Media Mani: White, Purple, Glitter & Metallics!

The other newest addition to my collection is the newly released Essie Summer Metallics in Nothing Else Metals a metallic lilac used on my pointer and middle!  Which I love love love!  I also picked up Penny Talk, a rose gold but that’s a later post :).  For this mani I used Julep’s Kate on my thumb, ring and pinky with Julep’s Chelsea as a gradient on my ring.  I really loved how this mani stood out but wasn’t loud.  And look how chic it looks with black and white and my new favorite ring pairings!  The chevron rings are a set of 3 currently at Target for $7.99 and that KILLER mega black cocktail ring is once again of course mark!  The Black Facet Ring has been my go to lately with the old hollywood flare in the big black stone but keeping it modern with the shinny silver, plus its large and in charge but super wearable.  Get it now for $16 at

Are you daring enough to go out of the lines and rock a mixed media mani????

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  1. Amanda (Mae) says:

    haha @ jigga what and these are certainly fabulous manis 🙂

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