Nailed It – Instant Vacation Marrakesh

I already  introduced you to the limited edition Marrakesh beauty collection but I left out one major beauty component, the nail polish!!!  Of course this is my favorite, the Nailed It Trend Marrakesh Mini Nail Lacquers.  With nails being the hottest trend around, these gorgeous shades of Marrakesh take yours to an exotic new place! Saffron, a glistening warm gold, will add spice to your look while mint tea, a lush, shimmering green, warms up any ensemble.

mark. Marrakesh Nailed It and Stack and Style Ring
mark. Marrakesh Nailed It and Stack and Style Ring

What I love the most about this duo set is they are mini’s, only 0.09 fl. oz. each so for a small price ($7) you get just enough to last you a season then on to the next trend.  I HATE wasting polish and this is the perfect amount.  AND in coordinating shades your mani pedi setup is already figured out or do what I did and wear the coordinating shades together.  I wore the gold shade on my thumb, pointer and pinky then the green shade on my ring and middle then freehanded a stripe of gold on top of the green.  The mini brush make it super easy.

How awesome does the Stack and Style Ring ($18) look with this polish!?!  I love how expertly coordinated the Marrakesh collection is!  You can shop the ring, polish and the rest of the Marrakesh collection at my eBoutique:

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