Week O’Nautical – Julep Sail Away Bombshell Maven Box

Julep Set Sail Collection for May
Julep Set Sail Collection for May

Ok so I was supposed to post this yesterday but the long weekend was way to enjoyable to be on the computer/tablet/etc. I definitely disconnected over Memorial Day weekend and I’m totally ok with it. So here’s my mani Monday post “going up, on a Tuesday!”

May Bombshell Maven Box
May Bombshell Maven Box

For May, Julep released a “Set Sail” collection based around nautical influences.  I HAD to opt in this month and get my monthly maven box in bombshell which included a purple creme with blue undertones (Denise) and a slightly off white creme (Vanna) with a lip crayon in a fuchsia (which I gave to my mom because it looked PERFECT on her).  Even though these shades aren’t your typical nautical red white and blue (which I was this close on getting instead) they still go perfectly with your nautical looks.  For my add on I added these anchor nail decals because as much as I liked my free-hand anchor last year (see here) this was WAY EASIER!  Oh and can we mention it came with salt water taffy from Ocean City MD, how fitting!

Julep Anchor Nail Decals Add-On's
Julep Anchor Nail Decals Add-On’s

I really couldn’t decided on what I wanted to do with this box since I’ve been into just classically painted nails in one color with a great topcoat.  So I decided just to do 2 fingers in Vanna (white) and 3 in Denise (purple) with the anchors on my pointer and middle.

Week O'Nautical Nails with Julep
Week O’Nautical Nails with Julep

I have to say despite my horrible cuticles this nail look definitely was a favorite as of late.  It got a lot of attention randomly, like the check stand girl complimenting how great they looked and how she thought it was a gel mani.  Goes to prove how fantastic the Julep formula is!

Thumbs up for Julep!
Thumbs up for Julep!
Nautical Mani for Week O'Nautical
Nautical Mani for Week O’Nautical
Julep Denise and Vanna from the Set Sail Collection
Julep Denise and Vanna from the Set Sail Collection

As we are officially unofficially now in summer, and the long Memorial Day weekend is now over, so is my Week O’Nautical here on the blog… until the 4th of July that is.  Until then, let’s paint the town red!  and purple!  and white!  and all the other mani colors of summer!

A little Kate Spade and Julep!
A little Kate Spade and Julep!

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