The Golden Rule: 2016

Goodbye 2015. Hello 2016. I’m not so good at making and keeping resolutions but I am all about a fresh start. A little mantra of mine is the Golden Rule and instead of a resolution I’d like to embrace and enforce it.

The Golden Rule
The Golden Rule

To my friends, to my foe, let you read this and may no one dull your sparkle in 2016!  For my sparkle will be as nice and shiny as I would like it to come back toward me, even if yours is not!  In addition, a few things I’m looking forward to in 2016:  having more and many good manis!  the year of the monkey!  exploring somewhere I have yet to see!  exploring somewhere I’ve already seen and love!  decluttered junk drawer!  bringing in more sleek, simple and glam!  What are your new year goals and mantras!?

May No One Dull Your Sparkle!
Word Of Alicia:  May No One Dull Your Sparkle!

Happy New Year!

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