Week O’Nautical: Working Girl


Week O'Nautical: Working Girl

Week O’Nautical: Working Girl

Can you believe it’s the last week of June already!? I felt like I was just doing my Week O’Nautical posts for Memorial Day… because I was.  Word of Alicia has been a little light in the month of June because I’ve been living that summer life with my summer vaca to the Bahamas, baseball games, Father’s Day, swimming, lake days, etc., but really it’s that work life that takes up most of my time.  Work clothes in the summer can sometime be difficult and tedious when you’re battling the heat and professionalism.  That doesn’t stop me from sporting my red white and blue in a nautical fashion as we count down to our most patriotic holiday and get a little extra time off from that 9-5.

Avon Ponte Peekaboo Lace Dress

Avon Ponte Peekaboo Lace Dress

You’ve already seen this Avon Ponte Peekaboo Lace-Hem dress here, but it’s the perfect work dress.  A stretchy knit so you don’t have to iron it, lightweight so good for summer heat, a longer hemline and a full shoulder for conservative offices, and it’s navy!  Perfect for a little summer nautical looks at work.  Unfortunately it is sold out in misses sizes, only women’s available currently, however it does come in black and white as well and if I were to pick a backup you know black and white would be it!

Week O'Nautical Wear To Work Outfit

Week O’Nautical Wear To Work Outfit

Most of us wear and re-wear the same thing to work.  Even though I’ve worn this dress a bunch of times I wear it with different accessories.  This time I’m able to give it a more nautical look with my accessories.  I pulled out this Avon Ms. Patriotic necklace set and nautical rope bracelet, but this time I added my new(er) Avon Pretty Chic Bracelet Watch and the lucite heel sandals I’ve been loving, mark. So Clear To Me Sandals.  For the finishing touch, wearing the new mark. Vinyl Lip Paint in Glamour.

Nautical Accessories

Nautical Accessories

As any working girl knows a key part to the work wardrobe is the work bag, so I could not of been more excited when I found this Michael Kors bag on clearance for $59 at T.J. Maxx!  A good work bag needs to be big and roomy for all the crap you have to shove in it, but it also has to be sturdy to hold that weight and chic to go with your polished work wear.  This red bag is perfect for the upcoming holiday and Week O’Nautical and for such a great price!  I love the thrill of the hunt and the score!

Maxxinista with this MK find!

Maxxinista with this MK find!

You can shop my look at http://www.youravon.com/aliciahessinger and be sure to check your local T.J. Maxx for some good finds.  If you hit up the one in Fair Oaks, CA they had a couple of these red bags 🙂  As we approach the the long weekend be sure to add in some red white and blue to your looks this week!


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