Dressing Up A T-Shirt Dress

Dressing Up A T-Shirt Dress
Dressing Up A T-Shirt Dress

One of my favorite styles in life is a T-Shirt Dress. I like the grab and go ease of one that works for pretty much any occasion, especially in Nor Cal.  Which is apparent in all these previous posts I’ve done wearing a t-shirt dress.  When I ordered the Avon Ella Dress I, at the time, had plans of wearing it for Easter, but when it arrived I realized it was a t-shirt dress!  I wanted something a little more formal but in the process I realized you can dress up t-shirt dress for church, work, baby showers, wedding showers, spring flings… you name it spring event… All while being comfy in a loose t-shirt!

Step 1:  Shoes!
Step 1: Shoes!

Dressing up a t-shirt dress comes down to three things for me, shoes, accessories and a shaping layer.  Let’s start with the shoes... because let’s always start with the shoes!  In this case a classic nude patent pump from Nine West took my outfit more polished.  You could swap in your favorite classic flats with this one if you’re not a pump gal, or a clean nude heeled sandal for hotter weather.

Step 2:  Accessories
Step 2: Accessories

Next up, accessories!  A t-shirt dress is the perfect canvas for all your fun accessories, in this case we want to dress it up so what better than pearls and rhinestones!?  My pearly set is from Avon (which sold out but is coming back in stock this summer!)  A bit on the statement side this pearly necklace really just stands out and turns my OOTD very pretty.

Step 3:  Shaping Layer
Step 3: Shaping Layer

Lastly, a shaping layer.  What does that even mean?  It means that usually a t-shirt dress can be kinda shapeless, so, add in something that gives it some structure!  A jacket, a blazer, a cardigan or even a belt or scarf.  We’re looking to dress up a t-shirt dress so some structure does that.  The Avon Ella Dress has these fun ruffled sleeve details so I pulled out this long jacket/blazer with similar ruffled sleeve details in a perfect-for-spring blush color from Calvin Klein.  The pastel colors compliment while the jacket gives it that a polished finish.  Plus I like how the blush tone from the jacket pulls out the blush tone in the necklace.

An outfit ready for any Spring event!
An outfit ready for any Spring event!
Fun Ruffle Sleeves On The Avon Ella Dress
Fun Ruffle Sleeves On The Avon Ella Dress
Perfectly Pearly
Perfectly Pearly

How perfect is this look for any spring event!?  Even though I didn’t wear it for Easter I’ve been able too dress up this Ella dress or wear it casually.  This is the last campaign the Avon Ella Dress will be available so take advantage of such a versatile piece!  You can shop the Avon Ella Dress and pearly jewelry at http://www.youravon.com/aliciahessinger

Shop Online:  http://www.youravon.com/aliciahessinger
Shop Online: http://www.youravon.com/aliciahessinger

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