Week O’Nautical:  Sailor’s Tattoo

Week O’Nautical Workwear with a sailor’s tattoo vibe.  This week I actually had to go to the office!  We had an in person meet and greet and planning session, so of course I was most excited about putting on some workwear!  Workwear is my comfort zone, so putting on a pencil skit, heels and lipstick just made me feel like my full true self. 

It all started with this Printed Sleeveless Pleated Shoulder Tunic from Express (which is 40% off!).  It immediately gave me a vintage sailor’s tattoo vibe… I mean its also a toile print, but I see that “Sailor Jerry” feel esp with the birds. What a better week than Fleet Week and Week O’Nautical for this workwear piece.

Blouse and skirt are from Express. Earrings and red Cashmere Lip Cream are from the Avon eBoutique. Pumps from White House Black Market, bracelet Kate Spade and tote H&M.

This book tote from H&M went pretty well with the vibe and was functional for toteing my laptop, snacks, and stuff. This print is old but they have 3 print versions this yr of the Jacquared-weave Tote including a similar print in blue with a more Hawaiian feel that I have my eye on.

Vintage Nautical Tattoo Inspo

Week O’Nautical is my way to countdown to our patriotic holidays by themeing out my days in red white and blue with a nautical twist. The nautical twist may be loosely interpertated, haha. This week will be no different. I’m excited for the long weekend but I was really glad for the in-office days this week too… doing all the things in one week is what a Week O’Nautical should be.

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