3 Ways To Wear Your LBD!

3 Ways To Wear A LBD
3 Ways To Wear A LBD

I’ve been featuring all things LBD inspired by the newest fragrance from Avon.  For my last installment, today, I’m bringing you 3 ways to wear your little black dress!  You know, just in case you needed more proof why a little black dress is super versatile.  Here are 3 different looks all with a LBD as the base from Jackie, Jill and myself!


Jackie's Way on a LBD
Jackie’s Way

Black as a neutral is just about as groundbreaking as florals for spring, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve to be talked about! I am a New Yorker and I love my all black outfits as much as the next girl, but adding bold elements to a simple black base is way more fun. When you start with a plain black chiffon dress as the base of your outfit the options are pretty much endless. A fringe bag, bold printed scarf and snake skin accessories may not seem like the greatest combination, but somehow look completely cohesive (and still cool & casual) when you see it together!

Jackie from Living After Midnite 


Jackie's LBD from Living After Midnite
Jackie’s LBD from Living After Midnite


Jill's Way
Jill’s Way

For me, the key to styling a Little Black Dress, is to keep it simple. Black dresses remind me of Audrey Hepburn and her elegant yet simple style. To keep things Audrey style, let the dress be the statement. Keep your jewelry simple with just one statement piece such as a gold and rhinestone bracelet. Also keeping things Audrey style, go with a pretty flat. For a fun twist, try a flat with a pop of color such as cobalt blue.  

— Jill from My Sweet Obsessions


Jill's Classic LBD
Jill’s Classic LBD


Alicia's Way
Alicia’s Way

Because a little black dress is basic and neutral,  pick one with spunk, like these cutout details!  You might feel it would be too much if this was on a printed dress but on a black dress it’s the perfect statement.  The versatility all comes down to the accessories, and I love accessories, they always fit!  I can get the most out of my statement pieces when wearing a little black dress.   Statement shoes like these aqua cutout and lace up sandals from Avon work with it and don’t compete.  Layer on some fun jewelry from mark. (they always have fun jewelry you want to wear !) and you’ve got a look that’s simple and wearable for any occasion.

Avon Lace Up Sandals
Avon Lace Up Sandals


Cutout Details and mark. Accessories
Cutout Details and mark. Accessories — and mark. Nailed It polish in Green Thumb

This dress is from the fall but it’s so popular that Avon revamped it for spring.  You can shop the Avon Laser Cut Little Black Dress for ONLY $34.99 at http://www.youravon.com/aliciahessinger along with my accessories and shoes.  Now that you have 3 ways to inspire, bust out your LBD and bare those legs this spring!

Little Black Dresses For Spring
Little Black Dresses For Spring

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